Interview with Hadar Ariel Magar

Q.Where is home?

A. Home is a place that can embrace all your feelings and needs.
It is where you allow yourself to be completely vulnerable and true.
My home is in a small green place in the center of Israel, It’s called a “Moshav”,
which is like a settlement or a small town that was a cooperative agricultural community years back.
I have a strong connection to this place.

Q.How did it all began? Tell us about the first good picture you still remember about and also share it with us.

Leaving Early- by Hadar

A. As a child I was very curious about cameras, analogue and video, and I was holding them constantly.
I remember being obsessed with old photographs of my family.
My grandmother had an old white shoe box where she kept her photographs and I asked for that box frequently.
for me it was and still very magical. I inherited the shoe box from her.
At the age of 16 I started to get more and more fascinated about photography, especially artistic photography and so I found myself browsing ‘Deviant Art’ profiles every day.
When I was 17 I started taking pictures myself, I felt that I finally found my way of expressing myself and my feelings and so it became some sort of therapy for me.
Now, at the age of 26 nothing really changed (except me growing old…) I still use a camera to express myself, it’s a part of me now, it helps me breathe better and clear my head every time.
I can’t remember the very first photo I felt proud of, but when I go back to my first expired film roll from January 2007, one of my early works; “Leaving Early” – would probably be the first one for me.

Q.Do you have a favorite person that you always want to take pictures of?

A. I love photographing my life partner.
I also like capturing my family, friends and cats.
But I don’t have a specific favorite someone. It’s all about the chemistry between me and the model, so both of us have to feel comfortable first.
Maybe that’s why I photograph myself so often.
Q.Where does the inspiration comes from for the dark emotions in your pictures?

A. Life is an inspiration for darkness, but there is also beauty in it.
I’m inspired by nature and its dark side. I tend to have dark thoughts mixed with my love for music and poetry which feeds my imagination.

Q. Any life event that lead you/ helped you in taking up photography?

A. Nothing specific that led me into photography, only my need to unload myself from feelings and thoughts.
It healed me in a way. I sometimes treat photography as therapy.
It helps me carry on with life and sometimes make things more clear to me, though life events always inspire me.

Q. Your pictures are expressive, they really are. Do you think taking pictures is an escape from the real world for you? Tell us about it.

A. Thank you very much!
While in process, It is a pure and complete dedication of myself ,
leaving all worries and insecurity behind, and focusing on the feeling that I want to give to the viewer, it’s more of a therapy rather than escape.

Q. Tell us about the ongoing projects? (what they’re about, any particulars may be?)

A. At the moment I’m not working on any particular project.
I have some stories and sketches written down and waiting to be captured individually.

Q. At last, tell us about what does the future holds in store for you?

A. Future for me is a mystery.
I hope to live a calm life surrounded by my loved ones in the most beautiful, peaceful place.
As for me and photography, I hope to keep getting better at what I do and to develop as a person as well as an artist.

in_the_cold_light_of_day gracefully_cursed

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