Interview with Tina Sosna

Q. How long have you been a photographer? What got you started?
A. I started about six years ago, because I wanted to hold moments in my own special way. In photography I found the best way to express myself without using words.11112875_864469606951250_8835387216680409023_n

Q. What equipment do you use?
A. I use analog cameras mostly. Over the years I have gathered many different ones sitting on my shelf. I got a Canon AE-1, Zenit-B and E, Nikon Fm2, and a Pentax MX
just to name a few.11107368_862510687147142_1197242471501861060_n11082633_861439317254279_1907205780094267694_n

Q. Why do you prefer to shoot on film? Convince me to try it!
A. Shooting film gives you a completely different warm feeling compared to work with digital cameras. There is a story that wants to go on and you can be the storyteller. You recieve grain that gives the picture more texture and the most natural colours that can have different interesting effects. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because that’s what makes it interesting.11008481_855399827858228_799000899313177967_n 11002583_847013998696811_2465950292214024086_n

Q. Do clients hire you specifically because you shoot on film? Do they have a preference or are they surprised to learn you shoot on film?
A. It’s different. Some clients want the photos in the style I usually shoot, this means film. But it already happened that they want it digital.11000561_863736347024576_4832161801221270334_n 10995113_864205350311009_842764303499504413_nsdsd 10410963_851340254930852_6815421307053353147_n

Q. What are your top tips for those who would like to try shooting on film?
A. Try everything! 🙂 Use different exposure times, try new film out, work with different cameras and always look for the special light!

Q. Do you have the images scanned directly to digital?
A. I always get my pictures developed on paper in the lab, because I want to hold my work in my hands and I think that’s also a part of working with analog cameras, because that’s how they did it when digital wasn’t invented yet. After I looked on them carefully, I scan the pictures or the negatives.10981960_853814194683458_1906926047633028695_n10923560_818171521581059_7221380982570096387_n

Q. Do you do any digital post processing/touching up? What software do you use?
A. It depends on the mood I want to create and how the picture turned out after I scanned it. But I like to keep it natural. I mostly use Photoshop.

Q. Favorite subject to photograph?
A. People and their emotions surrounded by nature or cozy places.20782_862021617196049_4271402584188450379_n 15617_836352876429590_849131095264270910_n

10449920_802248459840032_7298345903461366215_nQ. If there was one thing that you would like to share with everyone, what would that be?
A. I would like to share my favourite song at the moment: Sufjan Stevens – The Only Thing.

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