Submission by Corentin Schieb

Originally from Nantes in the western region of France, Corentin Schieb is a photographer currently based in Berlin, Germany. Started as a way to keep memories, he loves to capture the simple life, love, good and bad moments and to share them with the people he loves. To capture the ephemeral moments and the beauty of lost time.

The subjects in Corentin Schieb’s images are friends rather than models, and the situations are mostly made of his adventures, explorations and travels on the road. He’s looking for the raw beauty of the youth through its act of escaping from regular lives, and its idea of freedom._Suspended _Swimming Girl _The Novelist_

_Treasure_ _Valley_ _VII_ _While We Are Young _Amour, toujours_ _Aspire_ _Don't Look At Me_ _Edge_ _Outsider Heart_

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